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Drive Seamless Growth For Your Business With XodalPAY

XodalPAY is a versatile, and feature-rich wallet that combines payments and loyalty into a single solution. The XodalPAY Loyalty Wallet as a Service (WaaS) model makes it simple to incorporate a digital wallet into any type of business, ranging from small local businesses to large multinational corporations. It enables enterprises to increase customer acquisition, retention, engagement, and monetization.

Loyalty Wallet To Retain And Reward Your Customers


Attract more customers by offering great value. Offer custom experiences, exciting surprises, loyalty points, and rewards.


Keep customers meaningfully engaged with compelling deals, personalized campaigns and offers, enabling your business to cross-sell and up-sell in real-time.


Enhance the customer retention quotient by encouraging them to take advantage of discounts and cashback deals, and urge them to transact more.


Expand your reach and increase conversions by making this wallet the most preferred mode of payment.

XodalPAY Is Leading The Digital Payments In Latin America

Annual Payment Volume


Annual Transaction Value

365 Days A Year

XodalPAY Benefits

Increased Engagement

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improved Customer Loyalty

Increased Revenue

Cost Savings

Personalized Rewards

Better Data Insights

Easy To Use

Capabilities That Facilitate Quick And Seamless Payments

Digital & Physical Wallet

Loyalty Program

Transaction History

Easy Refund and Redemption

Payment Processing

Simple User Interface

Seamless Integration

Analytics and Reporting

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XodalPAY – Add Value To Your Business

Increase Revenue

Loyalty and payment services are designed to increase your business revenue by widening your customer reach.

Reduce Costs

Cut costs with our efficient systems and smart tools.

Enhance Customer Experience

Fast, secure payments along with a seamless user experience and personalized experiences ensure your customer experience is constantly enriched.

Get Deeper Insights

Get detailed insights and accurate data about spending and usage trends, shopping patterns, and peer-set benchmarking.

XodalPAY Product Suite

XodalPAY Loyalty Wallet

The XodalPAY customizable Wallet is a payment solution that adapts to your specific needs. Powerful APIs offer instant seamless integration into existing infrastructure.

Custom Wallet

Configure, customize and improve your wallet features on the go. Our Wallet is an intuitive and efficient solution that allows multiple payment modes and can be used at all major outlets.

Payments Stack

Payments Manager allows businesses to reach their full potential. Electronic payments are simplified for businesses and end users. This comprehensive solution allows effective management and monitoring.